Director of International Relations engages in bilateral relations in Europe

During a recent visit to Europe, Director of the International Relations Office, Dr Gabriele Suder visited the United Kingdom, Ireland and France engaged in enhancing bilateral relations and collaborative initiatives with the European partners of the University of Melbourne.

Whilst in Ireland, Dr Suder toured the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and explored the link that TCD makes between the Gallery and International Relations. She also met with the University College Dublin (UCD), another of our U21 partners whose international relations staff has seen changes in the past months, with a new team and connections to be fostered.

Whilst in France, Professor Suder received the latest news regarding the developments to the Higher Education landscape in France with ongoing merger activity that streamlines the French university context; their objective being the creation of 'university communities' enhancing output and making government funding more efficient. CentraleSup√©lec, a French graduate institute of research and higher education in engineering science, is just one of the new merged entities, bringing two top schools in Engineering and Science together. The new University Paris Sarclay is another example. Inaugurated at the beginning of 2015, it brings together the top Paris schools including Paris 6 and 11, HEC, CentraleSup√©lec, on what soon will be one site only, and merging their postgraduate activity only. For more information regarding the Higher Education developments in France visit

Dr Suder also met with representatives from the ESCP Europe Business School, who are excited to receive our students soon through the recently signed MoU and SEA. The discussions advanced ESCP's understanding of how their students engaged in the study abroad program will be received and hosted through the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne's Director of the International Relations Office, Dr Gabriele Suder. King's College, London 2015

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