Dr Gabriele Suder

About the director, International Relations

Dr Gabriele Suder

Dr Gabriele Suder has been Director, International Relations at The University of Melbourne since 2014, and is also Principal Fellow at the Melbourne Business School. She holds a 1994 PhD in Management from the University of Bath, UK, and appointed full Professor in 2004, with a career spanning across Germany, France, Finland, China, the USA and Australia. She has worked in 19 countries on long-and short-term assignments, in academic and leadership roles in Higher Education. Dr Suder's work mainly focuses on Internationalisation, International Relations, change management and digital innovation in this space; she is a regular speaker at ACBC, EAIE, APAIE and elsewhere. She is also member of the University of Melbourne’s EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges. In addition, Gabriele is Expert at the European Union (ERASMUS +) and at UNCTAD.

In her volunteering roles, she has recently been elected President of AWCUM, facilitating gender and diversity discussions across the university, and is Immediate Past President at WAIB, the latter with a membership from universities across the world of 1600+ members.

In her academic role, her research also spans Internationalisation knowledge and strategy, Multicultural Management, Regionalisation and Free trade agreements, and Internationalisation and Terrorism studies. She is author/editor of eleven books, including a book series on the impact of terrorism on internationalization and numerous international business and strategy books. She has published widely in scholarly and practitioner journals, and in the media, i.e. The Australian, Business Week, Le Figaro, The Conversation, amongst other, and has recent media appearances on Sky Television and ABC Radio.

Recent Higher Education texts and presentations made by Dr Gabriele Suder in her Director, IR role:

2016 APAIE Conference, Melbourne. Dr Gabriele Suder's Presentation Notes: University internationalisation revisited: How to revamp your IR operations with a business angle.

2015 EAIE Conference, Glasgow. Dr Gabriele Suder's Presentation Notes:  Revamp your IR operations: The KPIs question.

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More information on her academic research can be found at Find an Expert.